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Swapna Thanks a lot Dr. Amit & Dr. Dhruti.. Going to a dentist is one of the most scary and boring jobs. I have been postponing this activity always in life. Somehow once I have started visiting "SMILE AGAIN" its no more an unwanted activity in life. With super ambience, smiling faces of the staff and the friendly doctors make it easier to allow someone put their hand in our mouth. Thanks for making this teeth place become a smile place. Now I can say without any hesitation for dental needs smile again is the best dentist not only in dadar but also the best dentist in Mumbai.Quote
- Dr. Swapna Patkar
Sunil For dental implant treatment I visited smile again. Equipments, technology totally advanced. Dr. Amit and his team's hospitality I am overwhelmed. From appointment to completing treatment Stupendous! Sensational! A+ Work! In case of equipments 'smile again' decades ahead.Post treatment I realized we all need a dentist like smile again. Great going.

- Sunil Kodolikar
The entire staff is friendly, compassionate and sensitive to my needs. The care was above and beyond any dental care I have ever received from any dentist in dadar neighbourhood. They are patient and pace themselves according to the patients needs. They took great care to ensure no pain was involved what so ever. Dentist in mumbai

- Vishal Pawar
I visited Smile Again during my vacations for my after searching many dentist as about to leave for a different city, for some quick suggestion /treatment. The clinic did not disappoint at all. Staff is friendly and comforting. I recommend this to anyone who would like/need excellent advices and treatment

- Prakhar Maheshwari
It was a very nice experience. It was almost painless. The Drs made me feel really comfortable. I will suggest Smile Again to all my friends and family. Wish we all find such dentist

- Anuradha Pattekar
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Our Treatments

+ Cosmetic Dentistry
Veneers are a very strong and thin customised shells of high-grade pure porcelain.
Dentist In Mumbai
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+ Dental Implant
Implants at Smile Again are placed by the team of internationally trained implantologists, and aesthetic dentists, assuring surgical precision and pleasing aesthetics.
Dentist in Mumbai
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+ Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry is a precise and effective way to resolve many dental problems. The potential for laser dentistry to improve dental procedures rests, however in the ability of the dentist to control power output as well as the length of exposure on the tissue, either gum or tooth structure.

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+ Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Full mouth rehabilitation or is a comprehensive form of dental treatment that combines all the dental specialities to rehabilitate and restore all the damaged teeth in the oral cavity.
Dentist In Mumbai
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+ Teeth Whitening
Tooth whitening is one of the easiest and safest procedures in cosmetic dentistry.
Tooth whitening in mumbai
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+ Painless Root Canal Treatment
If you need root canal treatment then Smile Again is dedicated to helping you.
Dentist In Mumbai
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+ Orthodontics Emphasis
Metal braces are made of metal brackets. These types of braces are very strong also tend to be the most inexpensive and can treat the most severe cases.
Dentist In Mumbai
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+ General Dentistry
Smile Again is known in the dental care industry for its multi-speciality practice that enables the clinic to meet all the family's dental needs under one roof. The goal of our quality dental care is to create a family of well satisfied patients.
Dentist In Mumbai
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- Annelie Orange,

- Yugesh Chand, Sydney

- Marc,
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Smile Makeover Dental Clinic in Mumbai

You know for sure what a Smiling Face can win in life! Everyone will like you – come to you – welcome you and you will win all your efforts and endeavors. If you have any difficulty, hesitation or shyness due to any dental reasons or defects to smile - no worries – Come to Smile Again – the most modern dental clinic and one of the best dentist in Mumbai. We will make you Smile Again joyfully with pleasure, by eliminating your dental problems totally.

Forget all those fears, scare, anxiety, boredom, and pain etc. related to the visit to Dentists. Here in Smile dental care in Mumbai, you are going to experience something new you never imagined or expected possible.

You are going to get world-standard quality dental treatments, certified by ISO, for Cosmetic Dentistry; Dental Implant; Laser Dentistry; Full Mouth Rehabilitation; Teeth Whitening ; Painless Root Canal Treatment; Orthodontics Emphasis and General Dentistry etc.

In this widely popular dental care clinic in Mumbai, sophisticated Equipment and Devices are used, such as – Digital X-ray; OPG X-ray; Dental Laser; Rotary Endodontic hand-machine; and Intra Oral Camera. All these devices and equipments will make you understand, what sort of dental treatment is given to you, by visually seeing your own mouth and teeth on the TV screen.

Owing to this complete transparency, you feel relaxed of all your anxieties and apprehensions, about your dental problems. You also take part in the painless treatment carried out by our renowned Dentists. You visualize on screen along with the dentist, how bad or worse your dental problems are and how the doctors are going to bring back your Smile Again.

You will understand the usage of sophisticated equipments will quicken the time taken for dental treatments, by fewer sittings. Thus automatically the smile makeover cost in Mumbai is the cheapest and affordable for all here.

When your “teething problems” are set-right by this ultra-modern dental clinic in Mumbai, you are not only going to thank us, but also will become our Smiling Ambassador, to canvass Smile Again to all your relatives, friends and neighbors, happily smiling all the way!

Smile again is housed with some of the finest dentist in Mumbai. Who are expert in dental implant, Dental Treatments, Cosmetic dental surgery and teeth cleaning. It is specialized in all types of dental implants treatments. Your search for the top dentist in Mumbai ends here. Once you visit Smile again you are in the safe hands.

Key Salient Features

Best Dentist In Mumbai

The infrastructure and state-of-art-technologies at Smile Again are on par with those of the Australia, U.S.A., the U.K., and other European countries, providing the best of dental treatment in the shortest possible time.

Smile Again is spread over a spacious 1,500 square feet of area, with four separate operatory chambers, ensuring absolute privacy and complete comfort to each patient.

The waiting area of Smile Again is so colourfully decorated as to provide relaxing oasis of peace and serenity, where the fear of dentistry vanishes, and the patient gets into a blissful mood.

Smile Again boasts of internationally trained team of dentists specialized in different dentistry faculties, providing speciality -based dental care in accordance to the dental needs of each patient.

Smile Again offers the perfect mix of personalized dental care and best-in-class hospitality. The clinic constantly upgrades its services, technology, and infrastructure to provide the latest as well as the best in dental treatment.

About Us

Smile Again is highly renowned as a unique, and one of the most reputed dental care clinic in Mumbai, India. Offering world class amenities, designed specially to meet all the dental needs of our guests.
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