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Laser Dentistry - Best Dentist in Sewri East and West

Laser Dentistry is a way of treating various dental conditions by using lasers which are extremely focused light beams that help in removing or altering tissues in small amounts. It proves to be a far more comfortable dental treatment option where hard and soft tissues are involved as compared to when non-laser techniques and drilling tools are used. At Smile Again Dental Clinic, the best dentist in Sewri east, we provide our patients with top-notch laser dentistry treatments at affordable rates.

The key benefit of laser technology is that it allows a skilled and specialized dentist to treat a highly specific area of focus, without damaging surrounding tissues, which implies that the dentist can save a lot of the patient's original tooth structure and gum tissue.

The application of lasers opens the gates for dentists to perform a wide range of dental services that would have otherwise not been performed at all. Laser dentistry is best suited for those who have anxiety related to the drilling procedures used in the non-laser techniques of dentistry. Laser Treatments not only prove to be precise but more importantly they also minimize pain and reduce the recovery time considerably.

Smile Again is proud that it has the best dentist in Sewri east & west specializing in laser dentistry. Smile Again laser specialized dentists are adept at incorporating state-of-the-art precision laser technology for both common and rare dental processes.

Types of Lasers

Two types of lasers are used in laser dentistry treatments, hard Tissue Lasers, and Soft Tissue Lasers. Each laser is suitable for cutting into a certain type of tissue, and this is achieved by altering the wavelength and laser pulse of the respective laser kind.

1. Hard Tissue Laser

Treatment Used For- Bony parts of the mouth such as teeth and jaw. The Hard Tissue Laser is used for the teeth. This wavelength of this laser can be used to cut through bone and water, which helps in the removal of the tooth in small amounts for reshaping purposes or for preparing the tooth for other procedures.

Target: The water molecules in dentin and enamel vaporize the thin layers of decayed teeth.

The Hard Tissue Laser is used to treat the following conditions as

  • Preparing the teeth for dental fillings
  • Detecting Cavities
  • Dealing with tooth sensitivity

2. Soft Tissue Laser-

Treatment Used For- Soft parts of the mouth such as tongue, gums, etc. The Soft Tissue Lasers are absorbed through hemoglobin and water. These lasers are used to cut through the soft parts of the mouth and seal open blood vessels.

Target: Hemoglobin and water, are two major molecules in the gums. The Soft Tissue Laser is used for the following treatments:

  • Lengthening of the Crown
  • Restricted Tongue Movement
  • Reshaping gummy smile
  • And various other cosmetic procedures.

Uses of Laser Dentistry

With less pain and greater precision, Laser Dentistry is fast becoming popular among patients as it provides minimal discomfort to the patient while also ensuring that there is significantly lesser damage to the original tooth structure. At Smile Again Dental Clinic with a highly trained team of specialists and a team of approachable and friendly staff members, you can rest assured that your smile is in the safe hands of the best dentist in Sewri West.

The procedure of laser dentistry is applied during the following treatments

1. Treat gum diseases

2. Remove inflation of gums

3. Performs biopsies related to teeth cavities

4. Damaged nerve regeneration

5. Treatment of infections post-root-canal treatments

6. Removing benign tumors

7. Whitening

8. Canker Sores and Cold Sores

Benefits of Laser Dentistry:

Less discomfort, faster healing time, and a relatively smooth operative and post-operative experience make laser dentistry a beneficial and viable option for both patients and dentists. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of laser dentistry provided at the best dentist in Sewri East, Smile Again Dental Clinic:

  • Procedures performed with soft tissue dental lasers do not need to require sutures (stitches).
  • Most of the laser dentistry procedures require no anesthesia
  • A no-cut treatment.
  • Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding, as the high-energy light beam helps in the clotting (coagulation) of exposed blood vessels, thereby preventing blood loss.
  • Bacterial infections are minimal as the high-energy beams also work towards sterilizing the area being worked upon. Also due to no cuts, the chances of bacterial infection are further minimized.
  • Laser treatment minimizes damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Laser dental treatment helps to heal wounds faster and regenerates tissues swiftly.

Smooth Post Operative Procedure:

As compared to traditional dental surgery, one can experience a smoother post-operative experience when it comes to laser dentistry procedures. As it is a no-cut procedure, the chances of bleeding and swelling post the treatment are also very less. This also reduces the chances of infections. The patient will also not experience pain and discomfort after the procedure is finished as it will involve minimal invasion. The risks involved in this procedure are also relatively small. Even still one has to visit an experienced professional to get the desired results out of the procedure. Visit Smile Again, the best dentist in Sewri West for getting the best treatments at the hands of a well-trained team of professionals.

Clinic is very clean and hygienic. Previously was very afraid to visit dentist as heard about the pain from friends and relatives but did not experience the pain that much. The doctors and in house members are very friendly and take utmost care. The location of clinic is also nearby.
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I Suggest These Doctor's Are Good-Better-Best-Excellent. They Have Done Their Job. You Need To Take Care Of Your Teeth And Keep Smiling Again And Do Tell Others For Smile Again.
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I evaded my dental treatment out of fear & anxiety to sit on Dentist's chair. Outcome - 8 cavities.
The treatment at "SMILE AGAIN" was extremely comfortable and the entire fear and sensitivity of the dentist chair was eliminated.
Thanks to the leadership of Dr.Amit & Dr.Dhruti ,It was possible. A big thank you to Dr.Rupashree for the patience and completing the entire treatment soo efficiently.
Will definetly feel this clinic to be recommended to all. Thank You Again!!!!
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I wanted to say thank you to doctors and all staff to build confidence in my child. They are kind and helpful during all process of fixing and root canal of my daughters tooth. She is not hesitant about smiling as she is not having upper teeth but is confident that she will have a great smile in future.
Thanking you.
Anita Bhosale