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Dental Clinic - Best Dentist in Sion East & West

Smile again is the best dentist in sion east & west, where all your dental needs will be fulfilled under one single roof. We provide ultimate excellence in dentistry in a modern and calming environment.

Why choose us?

- Welcome to Smile Again, a sophisticated and high-quality dentistry in Mumbai

Smile Again is one of the finest dental clinics in Mumbai. We have the best dentist in Sion East. We offer quality services in the treatment and aesthetic maintenance for patients. Smile Again is known for its advanced dentistry with the latest technology equipment. Clients' safety and comfort is our priority. Our practice is aimed at improving your oral health and hygiene. It is our work to make you feel very comfortable so that your dental experience can be an enjoyable one.


A regular dental check-up is important as it helps you keep your gum and teeth clean and healthy. People usually avoid going to the dentist because it scares them a lot. The number of people who say that they usually avoid the regular dental check-ups due to anxiety and fear is about 15%-18%. Especially for children, the dentist can be a scary place. First the dentist examines the oral condition like teeth and gum check-ups. They also take help of X-ray to get a better idea of what is going inside there. The next step is cleaning using various tools such as scrapper, small mirror and much more.

- Here are the 5 reasons a regular dental check is important.


There are a lot of people who are aware of how to properly take care of their oral health and hygiene. Most people brush their teeth only once and never floss at all. Flossing is equally important as brushing. It may sound very common and small but it can lead to much bigger problems in the future. Keep up with your dental check-ups so that someone skilled can monitor your or a hygiene and health. Smile Again is the best dentistry with the best dentist in Sion west.


Bad breath can hamper someone’s reputation and confidence. A condition called halitosis can occur after chronic bad breath and bad oral practice. This is not something you should take casually as it can cause major issues in future if not treated properly. It is a medical condition that needs attention immediately. Always choose the best dentist in Mumbaifor your oral health and hygiene.


Having a friendly smile means having confidence. This is a very basic advantage of the regular dental visit but it has much deeper advantages to it. Visiting the dentist regularly can help you achieve a beautiful healthy smile naturally. Get those pearl white beautiful teeth naturally with the help of the best dentist in Dadar


One of the main reasons you visit a dentist regularly is that they can spot the concern that can cause major problems in the future such as oral cancer. Many problems can go unnoticed such as tooth decay, plaque build-up and cavities, if you take dental visits casually. Visit Smile Again for your regular checkups as we have the best dentist in Mumbai


Other related issues such as headache or sleeplessness from grinding teeth can also cause many problems if not treated properly. Being able to target and treat these small but important issues is another major benefit of regular dental check-ups.
  • 1500 sq. feet meticulously spread area
  • 4 dental operatory chambers
  • Minor OT for exclusive surgical work
  • Convenient working hours
  • Spacious waiting area with wi-fi facility
  • A room dedicated towards training and continued dental education
I had chipped tooth and due to peer pressure, I lost the confidence in my smile. With the laminates I feel I can slowly regain the lost confidence. The treatment has given me great result my problems are all corrected, giving me a great smile.
Shriya Garg
It was really disappointing for me when I could not find a good dentist in Matunga until someone recommended to have a look at Smile Again. I am highly satisfied with my experience and will visit again in future as well if need be.
Neha Ardekar
So then I woke up in pain because I had almost 3 cavities in my mouth. Mom bought me to Smile Again & I was treated under Dr. Rupashree for the filling of 3 cavities & 1 root canal.
Yeah...."ROOT CANAL" I'm 15 and obviously very very scared of injections. But, with Dr. Rupashree the anesthesia felt like nothing but a new experience. Not exaggerating, but yeah I used to wait the next sitting. Everything was smoothly done and in minimum sittings...
Sakshi Ganji
It's been a comfortable and really nice experience and I'd definitely recommend Smile Again to friends and family. Looking forward to getting the rest of my treatment done. Thanks.
Apurva Varalikar