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Best Dental Implant in Mumbai

Have you been struggling to understand the correct procedure behind a tooth implant? Have you been visiting multiple doctors but cannot find the right one for your tooth implant surgery? Visit SmileAgain clinic, the best dental implant in dadar west to clear all your doubts and queries. Let us first understand what dental implants are, and answer some of the most asked questions related to it.

What are dental implants?

In simple words they are one of the most in demand methods of tooth replacement. Here a dental specialist places artificial teeth or tooth roots in your jaw to hold an extension using a procedure called bone grafting. The reasons for getting an implant can be varying. People often opt to get an implant in case they lose natural teeth or due to periodontal ailments. It's a procedure that needs to be operated by an experienced professional. SmileAgain is known to have the best dental implant in mumbai.

Are dental implants safe?

Absolutely! The procedure is absolutely safe. The implants are made using titanium which is a biocompatible material. As for the specialised practitioner operating on your teeth, he/she has years of experience curing ailments as painful as yours. The entire procedure is itemized from start to finish and is thus very safe. Dental implants are especially useful in cases of missing teeth. Start your procedure with us to find dentists known for the best dental implant in mumbai.

Who can get the procedure done?

Usually, if you're adequately strong to encounter oral operation or even a typical dental extraction, you're an ideal candidate for dental implants. Nevertheless, you should not have uncertain gum infection issues and embeds instead have strong gums. You ought to similarly yield to routine dental visits and extraordinary oral neatness. If you smoke or experience the evil impacts of a wild unending issue like coronary ailment or diabetes or if you had radiation therapy to your neck/head locale, the dental expert ought to evaluate you to choose whether dental implants are safe for you. You can simply visit the best dental implant in dadar east at SmileAgain, to find out if you’re eligible for an implant.

Do dental implants help in oral health?

YES they absolutely do. In Fact a lot of people undermine the role implants play in making your gums healthier. They don't move or slip, giving you comparative security and strength as your normal teeth. Not just this, they also make sure your teeth don't douse around. You can brush and floss them how you would your typical teeth. Dental implants don't rely upon incorporating teeth for help so you don't lose your original tooth structure. A good cosmetic dentist in dadar, will make sure new implants safeguard your other nearby teeth from moving which secures your jawbone and facial shape. They're marvelously helpful if you have missing teeth, allow you to talk and nibble easily.

Implants have a general success rate of up to 98%, depending upon where the oral expert places the additions in your jaw, the best part is, they can last a lifespan. Find the best dental implant in dadar east to get your perfect smile back at SmileAgain.

At SmileAgain we aim to bring back your confidence, to ensure you smile freely with much confidence. We offer more than just a dental consultancy, treatment. At our clinic we go through an entire journey of change, with this we make sure our clients have an amazing experience. We leave no stones unturned to make this come true. From amazing doubt clearing consultancies to using the finest technology, equipments. With a professional team of dentists that have years of practical learning experience we have full confidence in our treatment plans and procedures. Smile Again is tagged to have one of the best dental implants in dadar west.

Our customer testimonials are a proof of this! Visit our doctors, to clear all your doubts regarding any ailments, procedures. Understand the why, how and when of your ailment. Our treatments are cost effective, all thanks to proper evaluation and the latest tech at par with clinics in the UK, USA, etc like digital X-ray; OPG X-ray; dental laser; rotary endodontic hand-machine; and intra oral camera. Wait no more and visit the best dentist in mahim east. We promise a cost, time efficient treatment with amazing results. Get a perfect smile to add charm to your life at SmileAgain.

Advantages of Keyhole dental implants Treatment

  • Improved Facial Appearance
  • Improved Comfort
  • Eat Better
  • Improve Confidence
  • Protecting Remaining Natural Teeth
"My sincere thanks to 'Smile Again' team".
I spend 10 days in Mumbai in August 2015 and took the opportunity to get a Root Canal treatment & Capping done at “Smile Again”. I was truly amazed at the professionalism of this dental team and technology (as compared to Australia).
Bijai Kumar
Sydney, Australia
We both are very happy to come here. Excellent treatment from doctors. We are satisfied with their job. Both Dr. Deepali & Dr. Rupashree doing good job. Very lovely, politely & smilingly doing their work.
Dr. Amit is also very good and we are very much thankful for all of the staff & Doctors of Smile Again.
Wish u very good luck.
Bless You All.
Jayshree Shah
I had a problem in my tooth for a very long time, so I had looked up for a dentist online and found out about Smile Again Clinic and Dr. Shetty. On my first visit itself I felt very comfortable. The treatment went very smoothly. And I haven't had any issues after the treatment . the staff is very friendly here. the doctors are good and experienced. Overall good experience.

Good luck for future to Dr. Shetty, Dr. Amit and Dr. Dhruti and the staff.
Manasvini Mathur
The entire staff is friendly, compassionate and sensitive to my needs. The care was above and beyond any dental care I have ever received. They are patient and pace themselves according to the patients needs. They took great care to ensure no pain was involved what so ever.
Thanking you
Vishal Pawar