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5 reasons for bad mouth smell and how to prevent it

Bad breath, also termed as halitosis can be embarrassing sometimes while having a chat with your colleagues or your near ones. There are various health effects that persist with bad breath. In this blog, we will get to know about the reasons for bad mouth smell and bad breath solutions.

Reasons for bad mouth smell

In these times, when people want to have face-to-face conversations, some oral health problems like missing teeth, bad oral hygiene, , etc. may tend to lead to nothing but embarrassment. There are various reasons for bad breath which certainly gives rise to bad oral health. Some of the main reason for bad mouth smell are;

  1. Food habits:
  2. Sometimes when we chew food some particles of that remain stuck in our mouth if we do not cleanse it properly. Even eatables like garlic, onion, and spices sometimes cause bad breath. Also in the case of dieters, When your body breaks down fat, chemicals are released that might give your breath foul smells.

  3. Poor Dental care:
  4. Another reason for a bad mouth smell is when an individual is not consistent about his oral hygiene. Brushing and Flossing have their quality effects over dental hygiene, if you are not regularly or consistently brushing and flossing, some residue of the food you ate might be stuck in your mouth for a longer time and can cause an awful smell.

  5. Smoking habits:
  6. It is rightly termed that smoking is harmful in every aspect be it your physical health or oral health. Smoking causes effects on the lungs and mouth for a longer time, if you are one who smokes daily, you might face having bad breath. Smoking or chewing tobacco products also tends to make gums weaker, resulting in gum diseases, another reason for bad breath.

  7. Infections:
  8. Infections in the mouth also contribute to the reason for bad mouth smell. Bad smell can be caused by surgical wounds following oral surgery, such as tooth extraction, or by tooth decay, gum disease, or mouth sores.

  9. Dry mouth:
  10. Many individuals claim that they have bad breath at the start of the day when they wake up. This arises mostly due to mouth soreness, when an individual gets up during the morning there is no to less saliva present in the mouth gives rise to bad breath. It is more worse if you sleep with your mouth open. An issue with your salivary glands or some disorders can cause chronic dry mouth.

  11. Other reasons:
  12. Because of the chemicals they create, diseases such as certain malignancies and ailments such as metabolic disorders can cause a characteristic breath odor. Bad breath can be caused by chronic stomach acid reflux. A foreign body, such as a piece of food, lodged in a nostril can produce bad breath in young infants.

These are the major reason that contributes to the reason of having a bad mouth smell. Now you might think about changing these habits or having solutions for not having bad breath, read more to get the solutions that you can follow to prevent bad breath.

Bad Breath Solutions

Consistently maintaining good dental hygiene helps prevent bad breath, reduce cavities, and lower your risk of developing gum disease. Treatment for bad breath can differ based on what's causing it. If your bad breath is suspected to be the result of a medical illness, your dentist will most likely recommend you to your healthcare provider.

Your dentist will work with you to help you better control conditions connected to oral health. Dental precautions may include:

Practicing good oral hygiene:

You can treat your oral hygiene at home by following the practices. Brushing twice a day, as it is said to brush twice a day to remove the unnecessary obstacles that get stuck in your mouth while eating, also helps to maintain overall oral conditions like eliminating the risk of gum disease which is another reason for bad mouth smell.

Many individuals follow the brushing habit but ignore the flossing, some residue of your eatables also gets stuck on the tongue which leads to bad breath, flossing helps to cleanse the tongue. Using perfect mouthwash also helps to reduce the bacteria and plaque stuck in your mouth. These are some of the oral hygiene care you can follow at your home to prevent bad breath.

Visit your dentist:

It is said to visit your dentist twice a year to have overall good oral health. Dentists can help to eliminate various oral risks which will generally tend to eliminate the reason for bad mouth smell.

Drinking more water:

Drinking more water will keep your mouth from drying out. Also, Chewing sugarless gum or sucking on sugarless candy stimulates saliva production, which aids in the removal of food particles and microorganisms. The greatest xylitol-containing gums and mints.

Eating Habits:

Consume more fruits and vegetables while eating less meat. Apples, carrots, celery, and other hard fruits and vegetables help rid your mouth of odor-causing plaque and food particles. There are various impacts of bad breath on personality, bad breath may give rise to anxiety and stress if proper care is not taken. Bad breath may also cause embarrassment while having chat with your fellow mates.

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