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Full Mouth Rehabilitation - Best Dentist in Wadala East & West

Full mouth rehabilitation, restorations are terms frequently utilized reciprocally to depict the ways of reconstructing or all the while reestablishing the originality of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. Full mouth remaking ordinarily includes general or therapeutic dental specializing and needs a fusion of dental experts like gum experts also called periodontists, oral specialists, orthodontists ( doctors that specialize in correcting the malposition of teeth), and endodontists (representing doctors that are experts in performing procedures for the inside of your teeth). Full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive form of dental treatment that combines all the dental specialities to rehabilitate and restore all the damaged teeth in the oral cavity to give you a perfect smile. A treatment plan will be prepared at Smile Again to address the requisite concerns using the latest technologies available in advanced specialized dentistry that will enable one to look and feel great, eat comfortably to his or her full satisfaction. Our team at SmileAgain has time and again been nominated for having thebest dentist in wadala west. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the best treatment for our clients.

When might one need a full mouth rehabilitation is a much-asked question.
A person with multiple dental ailments like the ones listed below have a higher chance of needing a complete restoration of their mouth. The requirement for full mouth recreation may result from:
Teeth that have been lost because of some accidental injury.
Rotten teeth or tooth decay due to ageing or high consumption of sugary food.

  1. Teeth that have been lost because of some accidental injury.
  2. Rotten teeth or tooth decay due to ageing or high consumption of sugary food.
  3. Teeth that have been harmed or cracked.
  4. Teeth that have gotten seriously worn because of long-haul corrosive disintegration (food varieties, refreshments, indigestion) or tooth crushing
  5. Sore, swollen or bleeding gums.
  6. Continuous discomfort of the jaw, muscle, and migraine leading to pain during eating, chewing.
Full mouth rehabilitation is often compared with smile makeovers. But the two have a vast difference. Read below to find out how:
The most basic difference between the two lies in the need of getting the said procedure done. While smile makeover is something people choose to have out of the need to have a perfect looking smile and is thus an optional procedure, full mouth reconstruction is a necessity for many due to ailments that might be more harmful than they look and can lead to major issues, pain if not treated at the right time. Hence the focus during smile makeovers is on making sure you have a stylish and polished smile while mouth rehabilitators work on curing the ailments causing some sort of discomfort to you and effecting your day to day living. Visit or call SmileAgain clinic to clear all your doubts, connect with professionals to get the best advice. Get a world class treatment at the best dentist in wadala east.. Call and book your appointment today!

I was searching for a reputed dentist in sion when I found Smile again which really impressed me. It is also close to my place in Sion.
Neetha Thomas
This is to certify that I, Yugesh Chand from Sydney, Australia, have suffered tooth pain for past 2 years and with phobia of pain did not seek proper treatment and in the process had to extract my 2 teeth.

My search for tooth implant ended up with Dr. Amit of "Smile Again" through reference and from the moment of the first conversation to the end of the procedure it was nothing but a "satisfactory journey".
Yugesh Chand
Sydney, Australia
I had come with a view to get a smile makeover & that is exactly what I am taking back with me. Coming thru no reference and just Google Search, it comes to me as a surprise. You enter the clinic to receive greeting from the always smiling staff... probably why the clinic is named SMILE AGAIN.
My entire treatment has given me my expected results & enabled me to smile widely & whole heartedly.
Apurva Satavalekar
Last minute call to my dear friend, senior Dr. AMIT Really thankful for attending and giving excellent service & care. Beautifully done up clinic with all the best possible equipment & technology. Thanks a lot Dr. AMIT & Dr. DHRUTI.
Ishita Soni