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Smile Again Dental Clinic specializes in comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation and restorations, terms that are commonly used interchangeably to describe the procedures involved in reconstructing and restoring teeth in both upper and lower jaws. Our clinic, celebrated for its Best dentist in Wadala West, excels in integrating diverse dental specialties including periodontics (gum specialists), oral surgery,orthodontics (alignment experts), and endodontics (root canal specialists). This collaborative approach ensures meticulous restoration of damaged teeth, enhancing both smile aesthetics and overall oral health.

With a commitment to advanced techniques and personalized care, we tailor treatment plans to meet each patient's unique needs. Our clinic is equipped with Latest technology, allowing us to deliver superior dental solutions in a comfortable environment. At Smile Again Dental Clinic, our goal is to restore confidence through comprehensive dental care that prioritizes optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

When might one need a full mouth rehabilitation is a much-asked question.
A person with multiple dental ailments like the ones listed below have a higher chance of needing a complete restoration of their mouth. The requirement for full mouth recreation may result from:
Teeth that have been lost because of some accidental injury.
Rotten teeth or tooth decay due to ageing or high consumption of sugary food.

  1. Teeth that have been lost because of some accidental injury.
  2. Rotten teeth or tooth decay due to ageing or high consumption of sugary food.
  3. Teeth that have been harmed or cracked.
  4. Teeth that have gotten seriously worn because of long-haul corrosive disintegration (food varieties, refreshments, indigestion) or tooth crushing
  5. Sore, swollen or bleeding gums.
  6. Continuous discomfort of the jaw, muscle, and migraine leading to pain during eating, chewing.
Full mouth rehabilitation is often compared with smile makeovers. But the two have a vast difference. Read below to find out how:
The most basic difference between the two lies in the need of getting the said procedure done. While smile makeover is something people choose to have out of the need to have a perfect looking smile and is thus an optional procedure, full mouth reconstruction is a necessity for many due to ailments that might be more harmful than they look and can lead to major issues, pain if not treated at the right time. Hence the focus during smile makeovers is on making sure you have a stylish and polished smile while mouth rehabilitators work on curing the ailments causing some sort of discomfort to you and effecting your day to day living. Visit or call SmileAgain clinic to clear all your doubts, connect with professionals to get the best advice. Get a world class treatment at the best dentist in wadala east..Call and book your appointment today!

My visits at 'Smile Again' are vanishing my fear of a dentist. My experience with Smile Again was great. From primary check up till the end of my treatment it was a painless treatment, it went well. I liked the interiors of the clinic too. I will definitely recommend Smile Again to my contacts.
Sukhada Gawankar
This is Dhanashree Newalkar another happy patient of Smile Again had come to this clinic to get a broken tooth extracted and get a bridge fitted in its place. The good thing was that from the beginning I was told only the truth and nothing like running around the bush. Expert advice was given from the smallest thing to the most complex...
Dhanashree Newalkar
Good Hospitality, High Technology Equipments, Excellent Job. My Sister Got Her Treatment by Dr.Rupashree. She Is Quite Satisfied. No Hidden Price.
Mehmooda Quereshi (USA)
It was really disappointing for me when I could not find a good dentist in Matunga until someone recommended to have a look at Smile Again. I am highly satisfied with my experience and will visit again in future as well if need be.
Neha Ardekar