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In the current era where even a photo is not clicked without saying “smile please”, It became a necessity to have strong and good teeth. Do you have any problems related to your teeth? A dental implant could be a great treatment, read further to know about the best cost for dental implants in India.

Let us ask you a question; Are you having trouble with your gums or teeth? If so, Smile again is a go-to dental clinic for you. Smile again has the best dentists that will treat you for having the best smile. Currently, dental implants are treated as usual. We will provide the best cost for dental implants in India.

A dental implant is a surgical process carried out on individuals missing a single or more teeth. It is done by inserting screw-like structures inside your jaws where the tooth is missing. There are some conditions before the start of the process; you need to have strong gums and bones and the neighboring teeth must be strong to hold up the Implant.

Dental implants are treated as a common treatment in India nowadays; it is better to do a dental implant as a permanent solution to tooth replacement. The cost of dental implants is higher in other countries as compared to Dental implants in India.

Brief Discussion on the cost of Dental Implant in India

Dental Implants in India's cost varies from city to city. In many smart cities the cost might be higher as compared to that of cities with lower amenities. The price of a single tooth implant in India ranges from 25000-50000 INR, it differs from city to city. The Single tooth implant and the full-mouth implant need to be done.

teeth has a reputation for carrying out the best operations without any loss, and we also provide you with the best dental implant cost in India. Be it a single tooth implant cost or a full mouth dental implant cost, we assure to provide the best rates for the same.

Now you might think that the dental implant cost in India is too high, and mostly you would look at a bridge as an alternative for the same. But we would like to tell you that if you look after a decade you would see that the implant is working the same as other teeth while the bridge might need to be filled again with an increased cost which would eventually come around that of the cost of a dental implant.

So even if in the initial stages the cost of dental implants is observed to be on the higher side the cost of bridges will eventually be the same in the later period. Don't see the cost of a dental implant as a waste rather see it as an investment.

Dental implant costs range from country to country. It is observed to have the lowest cost of dental implants in India as compared to other countries.

The dental implant cost in other countries.

Table 1
Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Header 5
 India  US  UK  Australia
 Cost  25000-50000 INR  USD 3000  USD 2500  USD 2890

The given above table clears up the cost of dental implants in the USA, UK, Australia also including India. Also when we talk about the dental implant cost in India, the price range varies from one city to another. The following table will provide you with an idea of the price range of dental implants in different cities in India.

Cost of dental implant in India.

Table 1
Header 1 Header 2


Average Cost (in INR)


Around 27,000

New Delhi 






In India, the cost of dental implants in Mumbai is cheaper as compared to the rest of the states in the table given below.

We at Smile again not only provide you with the best cost for dental implants, but also have a good rapport on performing dental implants in India. Share this information with your knowns who you think should need to visit a dentist. We would provide the best price for dental implants and various other teeth treatments.

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