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TESTIMONIAL by Dr. Swapnaquote icon1 Thanks a lot Dr. Amit & Dr. Dhruti.. Going to a dentist is one of the most scary and boring jobs. I have been postponing this activity always in life. Somehow once I have started visiting "SMILE AGAIN" its no more an unwanted activity in life. With super ambience, smiling faces of the staff and the friendly doctors make it easier to allow someone put their hand in our mouth. Thanks for making this teeth place become a smile place. Now I can say without any hesitation for dental needs smile again is the best dentist not only in dadar but also the best dentist in Mumbai.Quote
- Dr. Swapna Patkar
TESTIMONIAL by Sunilquote icon2 For dental implant treatment I visited smile again. Equipments, technology totally advanced. Dr. Amit and his team's hospitality I am overwhelmed. From appointment to completing treatment Stupendous! Sensational! A+ Work! In case of equipments 'smile again' decades ahead.Post treatment I realized we all need a dentist like smile again. Great going.

- Sunil Kodolikar
TESTIMONIAL by vishalquote icon3 The entire staff is friendly, compassionate and sensitive to my needs. The care was above and beyond any dental care I have ever received from any dentist in dadar neighbourhood. They are patient and pace themselves according to the patients needs. They took great care to ensure no pain was involved what so ever. Dentist in mumbai

- Vishal Pawar
TESTIMONIAL by prakharquote icon4 I visited Smile Again during my vacations for my after searching many dentist as about to leave for a different city, for some quick suggestion /treatment. The clinic did not disappoint at all. Staff is friendly and comforting. I recommend this to anyone who would like/need excellent advices and treatment

- Prakhar Maheshwari
TESTIMONIAL by anuradhaquote icon5 It was a very nice experience. It was almost painless. The Drs made me feel really comfortable. I will suggest Smile Again to all my friends and family. Wish we all find such dentist

- Anuradha Pattekar
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Our Treatments

+ Cosmetic Dentistry
Veneers are a very strong and thin customised shells of high-grade pure porcelain.
Best Dentist In Mumbai
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+ Dental Implant
Implants at Smile Again are placed by the team of internationally trained implantologists, and aesthetic dentists, assuring surgical precision and pleasing aesthetics.
Dentist in Mumbai
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+ Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry is a precise and effective way to resolve many dental problems. The potential for laser dentistry to improve dental procedures rests, however in the ability of the dentist to control power output as well as the length of exposure on the tissue, either gum or tooth structure.
Best dentist in Mumbai
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+ Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Full mouth rehabilitation or is a comprehensive form of dental treatment that combines all the dental specialities to rehabilitate and restore all the damaged teeth in the oral cavity.
Dentist In Mumbai
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+ Teeth Whitening
Tooth whitening is one of the easiest and safest procedures in cosmetic dentistry.
Tooth whitening in mumbai
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+ Painless Root Canal Treatment
If you need root canal treatment then Smile Again is dedicated to helping you.
Dentist In Mumbai
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+ Orthodontics Emphasis
Metal braces are made of metal brackets. These types of braces are very strong also tend to be the most inexpensive and can treat the most severe cases.
Dentist In Mumbai
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+ General Dentistry
Smile Again is known in the dental care industry for its multi-speciality practice that enables the clinic to meet all the family's dental needs under one roof. The goal of our quality dental care is to create a family of well satisfied patients.
Dentist In Mumbai
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About Best Dentist in Mumbai -

Dr Amit Chavan, a renowned dentist of Smile Again Dental Clinic in Dadar East, has impacted many lives with their excellent oral healthcare treatments. If you are facing any difficulty in your teeth, swollen gums, cavities or even thinking of a root canal, then Dr Amit Chavan is the right person to consult with. He is the best practitioner who has been trusted by the locals for many years. With his immense experience in this field, he advises people to take care of their dental hygiene as it is neglected by many.

Dr Amit Chavan - Best Dentist in Mumbai


  1. Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards presented him with an Award and a Certificate in the category of Practice of the Year 2014.
  2. The Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards honor people in their respective fields for their exceptional accomplishments while recognizing the highest standards of excellence in the dental profession.

  3. Nominated in the Category of Clinic of the Year he was rewarded with the certificate by the Indo-American Society.
  4. For the past 60 years, the Indo- American Society has been devotedly fostering relations between India and the US.
    Likewise we have 11 Doctor Awards reflecting your trust in us with firm confidence.Be it any treatment, we assure you will definitely be gratified with our quality services.


Dr Amit Chavan had studied Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Master of Dental Surgery( MDS) in Periodontics. He has been practicing for the past 15 years as Implantologist, Periodontist, Dentist, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist and Dental Surgeon. Overall 14 years he has been practicing as a specialist.


Our team consists of a dentist, a dental hygienist, one or more dental assistants and one or more receptionists and office managers. There are a total 10 professional doctors that work under Smile Again Clinic. We have a professional team who are proficient in their work to keep the smooth functioning of the clinic. They make sure that the patients are taken care of by making them feel comfortable and easy.

Overview -

At Smile Again Dental Clinic, we provide the best treatment at an affordable cost in Mumbai. We are known as one of the best dental clinics in Mumbai by our patients, as we treat various severe oral diseases at the cheapest cost. Our best team of dental surgeons and the latest upgraded equipment help in treating your oral health and giving you the smile you deserve. We have the best team of dental surgeons and labs functioning with the best and latest equipment for the overall problems that you might have faced. So it can be easily treated by him.

Smile is a curve that makes everything perfect and we at Smile Again abide by it! Finding the best dentist is similar to finding the best daily doctor for regular checkups. There are various things one needs to keep in mind while searching for a dentist, which consists of feedback, qualifications, and previous experience. There are several things that a common man has to look out for. All the basic things about a dentist and dental clinic are summed up here. So if you are looking for the best dentist in Mumbai then you have fortunately landed at the right place.

Know More -

With his professional team of dental care located in the heart of Mumbai, you will be receiving the best dental treatment. More information about general dentists and how to find a perfect dentist are stated below.

About Smile Again Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai -

Our aim at SmileAgain is to make accessible all the latest trends and technologies to the people of Mumbai and help them live a carefree life and face all the challenges in life with a breathtaking smile on their face. We take great pride in being titled the ‘Best dentist in Mumbai’ by numerous patients and organizations. With our treatment we promise to make all our customers Smile Again gleaming with joy and pride.

Opting for a stylish dentist is analogous to changing to a stylish surgeon. You may want to learn about former cases' evaluations and feedback, as well as the qualifications and experience of a dentist near you. Cosmetic dentistry isn't a pukka treatment, which is why you should look for the correct dental surgeons before witnessing a smile- designing procedure. At Smile Again, we offer an affordable cost of smile designing in Mumbai. We're famed for our dental treatments throughout Mumbai. We've the stylish platoon of dental surgeons and labs performing with the stylish and rearmost outfit for your overall smile design.


Smile Again has State of Art Facilities Like:

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry
  2. Dental implant
  3. Laser implant
  4. Full mouth rehabilitation
  5. Teeth whitening
  6. Painless root canal treatment
  7. Orthodontics emphasis
  8. General dentistry

Our Dental Care Services includes all this. Hope you keep a check on your oral healthcare and make sure in any case if you find difficulty you will visit us as early as possible without letting it grow. Because oral hygiene should equally be treated as a major problem and look for immediate relief.


You can easily go to our “BOOK AN APPOINTMENT” page. There you are supposed to fill the form entering your appointment details as well as contact details.
From there you can select your preferred date. We are open from 10am to 9pm. You can easily book any timings in between this duration. So as per your convenience our professional team will be ready for the treatment. We ensure you will get the best dental treatment here.


If you are residing far away you can simply contact us and will let you know the roadmap. But if you are living in Mumbai, you can easily get down to Dadar station and book a cab or taxi and ask him to drop you at the particular location.You can even book ola or uber and pin this address which will easily drop you within 7 to 8 minutes.

Address - B/1 Rajgir Court, Swami Gyan Jivandas Marg, opposite Midtown Pritam Hotel, behind Federal Bank, Dadar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014.


  1. Thanks a lot Dr. Amit & Dr. Dhruti! Going to a dentist is one of the most scary and boring jobs. I have been postponing this activity all my life. Somehow once I have started visiting "SMILE AGAIN" it's no more an unwanted activity in life. With super ambience, smiling faces of the staff and the friendly doctors make it easier to allow someone to put their hand in our mouth. Thanks for making this tooth place become a smile place.
  2. --Dr. Swapna Patkar, Executive Director - Mind Works Training Systems

  3. I Came To Know About Smile Again From The Internet. My First Experience with the Clinic Was Very Good and I Was Impressed with the Transparency with which the doctors proceeded with my treatment at every stage. The clinic is very clean and the doctors are friendly. I wish all the best to the clinic and my compliments to all the doctors particularly Dr. Druti and Dr. Amit.
  4. -- S. C. Misra, Chief General Manager - RBI

  5. Having had several not so good experiences with dentists earlier, I was quite apprehensive when approaching SMILE AGAIN DENTAL CLINIC. But the professionalism and warmth with which the doctors at smile again provided service really bowled me over. I really liked the way in which each procedure was explained well before proceeding. With the kind of service provided and the friendliness of the doctor and staff, this place has redefined the image of dentistry in my mind. I am very satisfied by the results and look forward to visiting Smile Again for continued dental checkups.
  6. THANKS A TON!!!!!!

    --Shivprasad Raja, Consultant - The Boston Consulting Group

  7. I have visited your Clinic several times for treatment and I am very much apprehensive of Dentists. Your clinic SMILE truly lives up to its name and brought a heartfelt smile to my lips. I must commend you and your entire team for the excellent commitment to service both pre and post – your staff made me feel comfortable and my apprehension evaporated after the treatment. I shall recommend SMILE to my family, friends and relatives and never hesitate to walk into your clinic for any dental care.
  8. --Prabhakar D Borkar, Asst. General Manager - The Times of India Group of Publications


Best Dentist in Mumbai Clinic

It is rightly said that ‘beauty is power; a smile is its sword’. A beautiful smile is appreciated by all and has numerous tacit advantages. But a few of us might not have the luxury of feeling confident enough to have a carefree smile. Reasons as small as yellow teeth, misplaced teeth placement, etc can prevent people from experiencing the joy of a full fledged smile.

To ensure a one of a kind experience, we have created a clinic that gives as much attention to customer care as we give to our dental treatments. With a nurturing and friendly environment we guarantee to rid you of any mental setback like anxiety, fears.

What makes us the best dentist in mumbai ? Read below to find out

  • State of art technologies like digital X-ray; OPG X-ray; dental laser; rotary endodontic hand-machine; and intra oral camera. All these devices and equipment are set up specially to run you through every detail of your discomfort, by visually seeing your own mouth and teeth on the TV screen. This ensures you understand what dental treatment is given to you and why. You visualize the screening along with the dentists, to know the level of your dental problems.

  • We are renowned for our painless dental procedures, all thanks to our experienced and humble dentists. We have the best dental surgeon in dadar along with other other practiced professionals.

  • We only use the latest equipment that makes sure the procedure is quick, helps lessen pain, You will understand the usage of sophisticated equipment which will quicken the time taken for dental treatments, by fewer sittings. Thus automatically also making your smile makeover a lot cheaper and affordable for all here. This helps us stand up to the title of being the best dentist in mumbai.

  • With the above machines in place we not only ensure you understand your discomfort in detail but also have enough knowledge of the treatment. Our dentists make sure the procedures are completely transparent. This rids you of any apprehensions, about your dental problems and makes sure you feel relaxed during the time of the actual procedure.

When your dental problems are done-right by our ultra-modern dental clinic in Mumbai, we would love for you to become a Smiling Ambassador to show off your stunning smile to all your loved ones, friends and neighbors, happily smiling all the way! Smile again is housed with some of the finest dentists and technologies in Mumbai.

We have the best dental implant in mumbai, along with having one of the finest dental treatments, cosmetic dental surgery and teeth cleaning. We are specialized in all types of dental implants treatments. At SmileAgain you are under safe hands. Once you visit SmileAgain you will be in safe hands.

Check Out Our Google Reviews Before You Visit Us --

How do you know if the dentist in mumbai is right for you and your family.

  • The dental clinic should have experienced professionals that know what they’re doing. Like SmileAgain, acclaimed to have the best dentist in dadar.

  • It is a must for every clinic to have the latest technological machineries to ensure optimum treatment.

  • But are all the technicalities enough to make a clinic a one top solution for all your dental needs? The answer is a big NO.

  • The clinic should be customer friendly and make sure to create a healthy, stress free environment for all their patients.

  • A lot of times clinics provide only the basic medication and do not have access to professionals in particular areas. It’s best for you and your family to have a family clinic that is a one stop solution to any dental discomfort from smile designing in mumbai to an implant surgery.

  • The waiting time should not be long, professional doctors treat all their patients equally and understand the need to be punctual and respectful to all customers alike. Our dentists make it their top priority to be fully devoted to their work and all patients, which led them to earn the title of best dentist in dadar west.

  • The doctors should be friendly and ready to clear all your doubts about the reason for your suffering and treatment options. This will not only give you a clarity of the reason for your discomfort but provide transparency over the entire procedure.

  • Emergency care- some people need immediate extra attention. Every clinic should ensure proper logistics for the same.

Salient Features that set SmileAgain apart to make it the best dentist in dadar

Best Dentist In Dadar East West (Mumbai)

We keep up with technological advancement and have only the best of the best equipment that make us at par with clinics in the UK, USA, Australia, other European countries. These include digital X-ray; OPG X-ray; dental laser; rotary endodontic hand-machine; and intra oral camera. With us the dental treatment in dadar is highly cost effective, this is all thanks to the latest procedures and quick on their feet doctors.

We made sure to make your dental journey seamless and worked hard to make everything perfect. Here you’ll find relaxing waiting areas, colourfully decorated and filled with elements of comfort.

Our list of treatments is wide and covers almost all dental ailments like cosmetic dentistry, dental ailment, laser dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, teeth whitening, painless root canal treatment, orthodontics emphasis, general dentistry and invisalign treatment in mumbai

Our dentists are internationally trained and offer personalised, best-in-care hospital treatment. Not only this, all our doctors have a long term professional experience of real work in clinics abroad. Visit the best dentist in dadar east to live a healthy dental life.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):-

  1. Who is a dentist?
  2. Dentists are professed medical specialists that help with oral and dental health. Your overall health may be directly impacted by maintaining good dental health, which you can do by seeing the dentist constantly. One of a dentist's numerous duties is encouraging cases to exercise good oral hygiene. This lessens the chance of issues in your oral or other body regions. A dentist can also identify and handle issues with the mouth, teeth, and epoxies. During dental operations, dentists use contemporary technology and outfit includingX-ray machines, spotlights, drills, skirmishes, scalpels, and other medical tools. To stop the spread of conditions or origins, they also put on safety gear like gloves, masks, and safety spectacles.

  3. Why smile again for the best dentist in Mumbai?
  4. At smile again we've a platoon of stylish dentists to enhance your oral health, with the operation of new and ultramodern ways and outfits. Smile again dental clinic is known for its effortless treatments, our dentist helps in abetting you with the medical tools and outfit that can cure your mouth or oral damage without any pain. You can visit our website to know further about the aids that we offer, we're famed as one of the stylish dental conventions in Mumbai, we've our branches filled across the area.

  5. Why do you need a dentist in Mumbai?
  6. Taking care of your oral health is as necessary as compared to your physical health, numerous of us are uncertain about our oral hygiene and therefore produce gratuitous threats for our mouth. It's recommended to visit your croaker twice a month for your regular oral scan. You can visit smile again dental clinic for your regular oral hygiene scan. We not only aid in stating the pitfalls but also help in recovering the damages of your oral health.

  7. How do you know if a dentist is good?
  8. Choosing a perfect dentist is also necessary as to maintain your mouth health, there are colorful factors that can help you to choose the perfect dentist for your oral hygiene.

    1. Get feedback from the cases
    2. Visit the point/ or the dental clinic
    3. Check about the qualifications of the dentists
    4. Get reviews about the certain dental clinic
    5. Recommendations from your close bones

    The stated above are many of the practices one can follow to choose the stylish and precise dental clinic. Although, there are alot of dental conventions in Mumbai, Smile again is reviewed as the stylish dental clinic that helps in recovering tooth damage and cavatiesetc.

  9. When should I go to the dentist?
  10. Despite the fact that routine dental visits are pivotal for conserving oral health. While numerous individualities find that going to the dentist twice a month is a decent general rule of thumb, the reality is that you have specific requirements for your smile. So, it relies on your particular medical conditions, habits, and oral hygiene.

    Some people only bear one or two passes to the dentist each time, while others could bear further. Therefore, no way forget to ask your dentist when to bespeak your coming appointment. Do not worry, moreover. In any case, they'll presumably let you know when they want to see you again. Although not everyone like visiting the dentist, it's necessary for the good of your teeth. Yet, for some people, going only occurs at the first sign of extreme pain, and indeed also, it can be delicate. You may not indeed be apprehensive that your body is prompting you to visit the dentist more constantly. Any type of mouth pain, regular headaches, or an unwelcome shadow could all be suggestions that you should visit the dentist as soon as possible.

  11. How to Take Care of Dental or Oral Hygiene?
  12. Make sure you brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Do not forget to floss everyday as it helps to prevent any dental plaque. Do visit the dentist once in a year even when you think it's not required as it will help you to keep a watch on your oral health. Do not smoke or limit your alcohol, as it is better to avoid any risk related to such consumption. Try not to avoid any dentures or gum disease as many times people tend to ignore visiting a dentist but it may create a huge problem as this negligence can cost you later. Thus, make sure of any oral related problem, visit your dentist on a priority basis.

Common problems you should see the dentist for?

There are numerous problems that can beget your mouth hygiene damage. Some of the most common problems are Toothache, Stained teeth, and tooth decay. These are the most common problems faced by our cases, we at smile again have the stylish and enhanced fashion and tools for giving you a perfect smile. Everyone has a smile and to show it we help them.

About Us

Smile Again is highly renowned as a unique, and one of the most reputed dental care clinic in Mumbai, India. Offering world class amenities, designed specially to meet all the dental needs of our guests.
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